Know your customers, address tariff fraud, and maximise your revenue with accurate billing



With tariff fraud and customer eligibility, the identification of bill payers and validating residency under the microscope by several economic and regulatory pressures, providers are tasked with being more proactive with their customer service.

To get the right bill to the right person for the right time, providers need to who know who their customers are, understand their circumstances and provide additional support to them if necessary. By leveraging customer data and combining it with specialist data sources, addressing regulatory commitments and supporting the customer are far more achievable.

Our solution is proven among utility providers and demonstrates a significant return on investment.


new revenue opportunity identified

Delivering tariff verification for a utility provider created a new significant annual revenue opportunity having used our joint data expertise to identify cases of tariff fraud


saved in 3 months

Helping four utilities providers to cut fraud across various tariffs, enabled a significant saving in fraudulent claims and identified unknown bill payers and updated contact details

Customer Stories

If you are interested in learning more about the Enhanced Occupier Identification solution, our material on Knowing Your Customer, Identifying Fraud and Verifying Tariffs, and Identifying Occupier for Void Properties are great starting points.


Helping the Utilities sector save over £3 million in just three months by cutting fraud

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Validating customer eligibility for social tariffs generates new revenue for water providers

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